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The idea for TheraMon was born during a cosy get-together with friends.

The demand of a "proof of real usage" was originally born because of a technicians requirement that later turned out to be a minor issue in the complete treatment situation.
During evaluation of the idea for such device it was quickly recogniced, that mainly orthodontists/dentists have a very strong demand for it.

After first examinations of the technical possibilities end of the year 2004 the project had to be rejected as the minimum possible size of the sensor as well as the lifetime could not be realized according to the defined specifications. A compromise of those development targets was out of question as this would have limited the practical usage of the device dramatically.

Still convinced from the product concept, in 2005 a relaunch of the development has been started. Together with the well known Fraunhofer Institut in Erlangen - Germany a first proof of concept could be reached. Two generations of prototypes later the project TheraMon® was presented for the first time to the public during an international dental exhibition (WID 2008 in Vienna).
Outstanding feedback during this exhibition convinced the team to continue on the development and the project was turned into a latest-state-of-the art-technology development by designing a special ASIC (application specific integrated chip).

Early versions of first prototypes were handed over to selected partners for first evaluations and pre-studies. Besides small technical limitations the feedback from those first testimonials was just superb.

In September 2010 TheraMon® reached its final status and beame commercially available.

Distribution started first in german speaking countries as well as in France and the Netherlands, meanwhile a marketing offensive was launched to promote TheraMon® worldwide.

In several european countries as well as overseas TheraMon® is seeking distribution partners.
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